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Feedback about our Tarot Readings

Below are a selection of comments from our users about our Tarot readings. If you want to leave a comment, please use our feedback page.

"I thought that was a very good reading..It gave me a lot to think about..thank you."

Irene (UK)

"this reading was fantastic. thank you very much."

Sheila (UK)

"I find the tarot explanations very interesting and very original- different from the usual interpretations! The reading has given me pointers to do some thinking about myself and my life."

Inguna (Brazil)

"a great help after a difficult year. Feeling full of energy now and ready to make the next move. Thank you so much."

Marie (UK)

"I think my reading of the Tarot cards was exact. Very informative."

Bettelois (USA)

"I found the reading to be very accurate for me as I am starting a learning process and am looking forwad to developing my skills in the future."

Liz (Ireland)

"Wanted to say thanks for your tarot readings. They were very supportive and helpful in a difficult time in my life and have given me excellent guidance."

Brian (Ireland)

"Thank you for the Tarot reading. It is what I need at this point in time"

Cassie (Singapore)

"I just took a wonderful tarot reading - really amazing work you have done here."

Paul (USA)

"thanks so much for the reading - it has helped my understanding"

Andrea (USA)

"The reading (although not answering the question I had asked) was very apt.It was what I needed to hear but I still do not know how to put it into practice. I know the message it is sending me but it seems I am not ready yet. Too many distractions! I am delighted that the reading can be kept so that I can refer back to it. This will help me enormously. Thanks."

Bernie (Ireland)

"I want to thank you so much for the reading. Without it, I wouldn’t have reacted so well to the crisis in my life."

Anne (Ireland)

"This (tarot reading) is vague, however the underlying truth in the reading is obvious to me; it brought to the forefront the possibilities and potential that is ahead if I get out of my own way! Thanks."

Kait (USA)

"I enjoyed this reading. Oddly enough it does give me some guidance and has helped me to sort out some things I have been pondering about. It was lovely and long and it helped me to line up some goals and plans."

Georgina (Ireland)

"Found my tarot reading extremely helpful and informative, many thanks."

Irene (Ireland)

"Very happy with my reading"

Louise (Ireland)

"Thank you!"

Amanda (UK)

"I'm very happy with my tarot reading"

Mary Jude (Ireland)

"Very nice site and good readings. Nicely written and good information. Thanks! :)"

Rachel (UK)

"Highly recommended"

Brid (Ireland)

"Facinating stuff - lots of food for thought"

Rachel (Ireland)

"My Tarot reading was wonderful; clean, clear, gentle. Thank you"

Maggie (Ireland)

"Thank u for this tarot reading... This inspiring reading will help me to focus on myself."

Genevieve (South Africa)

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