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Tarot Readings

Online tarot readings from give insights into your personal situation. offers 2 different numerology readings which are based on your name and date of birth. Learn more about these readings.

To start, enter your date of birth and the name you normally use in day-to-day life (for example, when introducing yourself or talking on the phone). If you have children, enter the date of birth of your youngest child (as this affects the turning points in your life). Then choose which reading you want. You can choose payment options on the next screen.

  • Your Lifepath Reading

    Just click here to select the Lifepath numerology reading from using the details you entered above.

    You can get this Lifepath reading completely free by registering with

    If you prefer not to register, the cost will be 15 (with up to 30% off using credits).

  • Your Personal Year Reading

    Just click here to select the Personal Year numerology reading from using the details you entered above.

  • Your Lifepath Reading

    This reading tells you about your Soul's original purpose in this lifetime. It tells you how you can make yourself happy or unhappy depending on clear choices. It explains your family background and how your personality works and much more.

    You only need one Lifepath Reading in your lifetime - its truth and validity will help you for the rest of your life. stores the Lifepath Reading for all members so you can view it again as often as you like.

    More about your Lifepath reading.

  • Your Personal Year

    Your life runs in 9 year cycles, starting on the day you were born. Each year on your birthday, you move into a new personal year with specific challenges to be faced.

    This reading helps you to see what is behind you so you can leave it there. It shows you what is in front of you so that you can prepare for it. And, most importantly, it can show you what it is you need to be working on right now.

    More about your Personal Year reading.

    Your Personal Year Reading costs 10. Alternatively, register now to get up to 30% off this reading using credits.