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Chamomile - from credits are a way of saving you up to 30% on your Numerology and Tarot readings. credits have a nominal worth of 10c and any credits you buy are stored in your account on You can redeem your credits at any time to buy readings at up to 35% off. In order to buy credits to get this discount, you must first register to create an account on

Our readings are charged as follows:

If you buy 500 credits for 35, you can redeem those credits for 10 Tarot Readings (for example). If you pay for those readings directly, that would cost you 50 (10 x 5). So, you get 50 worth of readings for 35. You get smaller discounts when you buy smaller amounts of credits as per the table below.

Cost of Credits

Credits Full Cost Member Price Discount
100 credits 10 9 10%
250 credits 25 20 20%
500 credits 50 35 30%
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These credits are stored in your account at Whenever you want to take either a Numerology or Tarot reading, you just need to login and use your credits to pay for the reading.

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