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About Tarot

The origins of the Tarot are much-debated and probably lost in the mists of time. One thing is for sure, though: the Tarot has been used for many years as a divination tool to help people tune into their own intuition. In his work at The Healing House, John Kenny finds the cards to be very useful in helping clients get a feel for where they are and what their next steps might be.

How does tarot work? Well, it works on the principle of synchronicity - the idea is that the cards that come up for you are linked to you at a sub-conscious level. The cards have different meanings depending on their place in the overall spread. uses the Celtic Cross spread which has two parts - where you are now and advice on next steps.

Sand Pansy - from

Your Deeper Challenges

A Tarot reading from is meant to be understood as spiritual counselling - it does not predict the future as in telling you that you are about to meet a "tall dark stranger". Instead, it uses the deeper meaning of the card to advise on your state of mind and how best to grow as a person. If you approach your Tarot reading in the spirit of wanting to understand your deeper challenges then you are likely to be rewarded.

"I thought that was a very good reading..It gave me a lot to think about..thank you."

Irene (UK)

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With that in mind, the way to get the best out of a Tarot reading is to settle yourself first. The Tarot is a way of accessing your intuition and it helps to start with a calm mind. If there is a specific issue on your mind, hand it up for guidance and try the reading. If you are looking for general life guidance, it can help to do a numerology reading first as a way of helping you focus your mind. This is the way John Kenny works in his one-to-one readings.

Your Reading

In order to start your tarot reading, just reflect on the question you want to ask and simply ask for guidance. If it helps you to clarify your mind, you may wish to enter your thoughts the input box below and when you are ready, click on the button to see your Celtic Cross tarot spread.

Note that when you click on the button above, you will be presented with the Tarot spread (that is, the card layout representing your reading). In order to get the interpretation of your Spread, the cost is 5 or 50 credits.