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John Kenny is an online spiritual counselling service which was created to make it easier to access advice from John Kenny. The idea is to provide low-cost access via the web by giving an in-depth summary of what John provides in a one-to-one Spiritual Life Reading.

John founded The Healing House in Dublin, Ireland, 30 years ago and has been giving Numerology and Tarot readings there since then as Director of Counselling.

Garden at The Healing House, Dublin, Ireland

John has trained in many areas of healing since 1972. During open-heart surgery in 1985, he discovered the Light inside himself and has followed that Light ever since. His spirit guides continue to support him and those around him as he himself continues to grow.

John spends much of his spare time gardening and playing percussion in a number of different bands. To the left is a picture of a section of the back garden at The Healing House. Numerology and Tarot

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