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The basic idea behind Numerology is that your life progresses in a series of cycles of various lengths which, once you understand them, can give a sense of order and meaning to your life. When you look at Nature, the sense of life as a cycle is obvious, from the yearly cycle of Spring through to Winter to the longer cycle of birth and death. For each of us, our cycles start on the day of our birth and we move through them as we get older. Most people are not conscious of these cycles but it helps to be aware of them and what they mean for us. The Numerology readings on are based on work of John Kenny, who is based at The Healing House in Dublin, Ireland. provides 2 different readings which delve into these cycles - a Lifepath reading and a Personal Year reading.

Your Lifepath Reading

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Your Lifepath reading gives you an in-depth look at several different aspects of your life. First of all, your date of birth reduces to one of 11 lifepaths which give you insight into your overall life challenges and traits - in other words, it helps you to understand your life's purpose. Your lifepath provides the prism through which you experience all the ups and downs of life and you would do well to keep this in mind especially as you go through the various crises that pop up from time to time.

This reading also includes a look at the challenges you faced in your early years and gives you a framework for understanding how to work towards your life's purpose as you mature. This information is also derived from your date of birth.

In Numerology, we consider that there are 3 major cycles in your life: the Inhalation, the Maturation and the Exhalation. These represent the early years of your life up to maturity, followed by a period of growth into maturity, followed by your later years where you live in a more conscious and spiritual manner. These cycles go on for several years: you usually don't hit the Maturation period until your 30's or 40's. That period normally lasts for 9 years before the Exhalation period which is open-ended.

Your Lifepath reading will also show you what your Personality is - the mask that you present to others - and how to present your best side by attending to your Inner Need which, if left unfulfilled, can make it difficult to present your best side to others. This Inner Need is one of the most important parts of the reading as it gives you direction to help yourself with your relations with others and, ultimately, getting on in the world. We do a similar analysis on your family traits. Numerology derives all of this information from your name.

Your Lifepath reading will not change over time unless you get married and change your name (this may change your Inner Need and Personality). Therefore, this is normally a reading you only take once.

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Your Personal Year Reading

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One of the main ideas of Numerology is that everyone has a 9 year cycle beginning when they were born. This cycle is called the Personal Year cycle and begins on the day you were born and continues all through life. Each year, on your birthday, you finish the Personal Year you have been in for the last year and you start your next Personal Year. When you reach the end of the number 9 Personal Year, you go to the start of the number 1 Personal Year and start through the series of years once more.

During each of these personal Years, the idea is that you get a specific set of challenges to work on. You have the choice to work on those challenges and grow as a person or you can ignore them by running away from the work in front of you. If you do ignore your year's work, those challenges will not come back into focus until you come back to the same point in the cycle in 9 years time.

Your Personal Year reading will tell you where you stand in your 9-year Personal Year cycle and what challenges you face in the coming year. When you approach the Personal Year cycle conscious of the year's challenges, you have a headstart in understanding what's unfolding in front of you and what's required of you. It provides a scaffolding or framework to understand events in your life which can seem completely random otherwise.

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